Thursday, November 4, 2010

NYLA Conference

Check me out posting again so soon. I had I feeling I wouldn't #blogfail you again so soon. (I'm sure all my followers are relieved...)

So this post is not about class or homework, but instead about some of the other stuff we get to do, specifically conferences! One of the great perks of being a library student is student rates on conferences. For all of you LIS student's reading (*chirp*chirp* <- those are the crickets...) take advantage of this like crazy. I still can not quite afford any of the big conferences, though I would love to hit up the ALA conference, the student pricing really makes the local conferences really affordable. I did NYLA today, I'm going to NCTE (my big expenditure of the year) in Orlando in a few weeks and then hopefully the YSS and SLMS (both NYLA divisions) in the spring. Another student perk is the chance to go for a scholorship as well, which makes is really afforadable!

NYLA was alot of fun. It was a multiday conference, but I was only able to go for one day, so I tried to cram it all in today. It made for a rediculously long day what with driving to and from the 'cuse to Saratoga Springs, but worth it. I was working the iSchool booth during the middle of the day, so in the a.m. I walked the exhibit hall and in the afternoon I went to a seminar.

The Expo Hall had some great booths, and I really enjoyed talking to some great representatives. Some of the things I was really excited to here about was using RFID tags to help librarians streamline and save time and money. Using the tags patrons can self check-out, the library can use the tags to make sure no books leave the library without being check-out and my personal favorite, you can take inventory by simply walking the stacks with a readers instead of touching every single book. I also really enjoyed talking to the Barnes & Noble's reps about using the Nook in school libraries. There was many more great reps and booths (including the stellar iSchool one), but those two stood out.

In the afternoon I went to a seminar on Storytelling and teaching kids to tell stories. It was a blast. I took storytelling in my undergrad minor program, and loved it, so this was a great reminder of the fun that I had back then. The presenters were wonderful storytellers and also gave us some tips on how to help childrens learn to tell stories, which will help them buld confidence and creativity (it's a win-win!).

I especially liked working the booth. As someone who used to hate being social, I've suddenly really started to enjoy getting out there more. The booth wasn't horribly busy, but I talked to a few people about the iSchool and had fun telling then about the different programs. I even got to explain the cost of SU, which far exceeded what the guy had hoped the cost would be! I'm really hoping I get the chance to work the booth at some future conferences/events.

I didn't get to do a whole lot at this conference, but I was able to do a little bit of everything. Mostly it has made me want to go to more conferences.

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