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Welcome from the New Dean of Libraries: Katherine Taddeo

Hello everyone! I’m Katherine Taddeo, the new Dean of Libraries here at MAC University. Welcome to The Hub. Here you’ll be able to find up to date information about upcoming events, available opportunities at the library as well as seeing what sorts of improvements we have planned. You’ll also be able to hear about current issues directly from the librarians as they share their thoughts on The Hub blog. Below you will find the memo I've sent out campus wide highlighting my vision for MAC Library as well as some exciting things we are planning. I’m excited to be here, and can not wait to get to work making the Library the destination here at MAC University!

Memo from Dean of Libraries Katherine Taddeo

University Community,

Thank you all for the warm welcome as I embark on this new adventure as Dean of Libraries. I’ve had a wonderful time meeting and speaking with many of you and hearing about some of the things you are hoping to see from the MAC Library in the coming future. I’d like to take a few moments to share with you part of my vision for MAC Library.

MAC University’s Library will be a vibrant place that is a center for learning, exploration, and engagement for the entire University community. In short, MAC Library will be a campus hub. To turn the library into the place we all think it can be we are going to be making many changes both to the physical space and to the services offered inside. Although some of the changes will take time to implement, you should start to see improvement in the coming months.

Our physical space needs updating and reconfiguration. As such you will see us work to improve the look and feel of our library public spaces allowing for faster and easier access to the resources you are looking for. We recognize that to become the “Hub”, new modern spaces need to be created within the Library. These include quiet study rooms, technology team rooms for group work, and meeting rooms that can be used by classes as well as by campus organizations. Warm and inviting reading nooks will be spaced throughout the library to provide patrons with a place to curl up and enjoy a book or magazine, browse the web, or simply visit with friends.

We don’t want the Library to simply be a place for you; we want the Library to be by you as well. A University Library should be a dynamic living space that is reflective of the community it serves. Therefore, we will look to collaborate with the campus community to exhibit the works of our students and faculty, as well as to provide the space needed to have dynamic technology enabled seminars and presentations.

Application of new technologies will allow for us to create a Library that is more convenient, streamlined and user friendly. The Library’s resources will be made more readily available through implementation of self-checkout machines and integration with new media platforms that will allow for easier to access through the use of indexing and metadata.

As we look to expand on our services offered, the library will become a place where students and faculty alike can submit works to be cataloged and archived within the Library so that all past, present, and future members of the university community have access to the great research and scholarship that occurs on the MAC campus.

Budget constraints are a reality we have to face, but the benefit to the campus community as a whole makes the upgrades to the library worth the cost. The changes are not going to happen overnight, nothing worthwhile ever does. There is hard work to be done in order to make the MAC Library the place we call The Hub, and I am up to the challenge. I’d like to invite you all to come visit The Hub @ MAC University online, the Librarian’s blog for the MAC Library, where upcoming events and improvements will be discussed!

Katherine Taddeo
Dean of Libraries
MAC University


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