Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Fail & Semester Updates

So in my overly ambitous last post I stated that I would be updating this blog once a week. That was almost 2 months ago. Clearly I was overestimating the amount of time I would have to blog. That's okay though- I like knowing that this blog is here if I need it. It waiting, ready and willing to assist me should I needs it's pages to use for an assignment (one of which I'm working on now- Hello IST614!).

This semester has been tough, but fun. For IST605 (reference class) I've been looking at alot of reference books and other sources. Who would have thought? it's been illuminating and slightly overwhelming. I spent 3.5 hours at the public library this past weekend looking at Encyclopedias and Almanacs and other reference sources. I looked at 20, and very quickly was reminded exactly how much I don't know. I emerged less confident and more confident all at the same time. Less confident in the sense that there is no way I can ever know all the resources that are out there, and therefore might miss the opportunity to steer someone towards the perfect resource. On the flip side, I'm more confident because I have a better sense of what is out there, and I'm now convinced that there is a place to find whatever information a patron might want, I just might have to dig a little to find it.

605 also led me to start volunteering at the High School Library. First it was for an assignment, I had to observe a reference librarian, but I pretty much just kept coming back, and now they are stuck with me. I've gotten a chance to see some cataloging and reference in action, I'm going to be helping with the weeding process, and most exciting for me, have gotten to participate in their book club. For those who don't know, I'm a book club addict. I'm in a few, and was super excited to get to see how it works at a high school level, especially when teens and their rediculously busy schedule are involved. Being at the High School also prompted me to officially go School Media, so I'm stoked about that as well.

As for my other class (IST614- Management) I will admit to being slightly overwhelmed by the subject at hand. Having never taken a management class before it's all new to me, and sometimes I feel like I'm trying to learn a foriegn language. Luckily I have a great teacher (Gandel), who doesn't seem to mind all of the questions we keep throwing his way. I find myself learning a huge amount of information in this class, even if I don't have a handle on how to apply it all yet. Currently I'm working on two seperate projects for this class. One is a communication problem wherein I have to essentially role play (via memo) as a new Dean of Libraries at a University. This is a great assignment because I get to think about what my vision would be- especially nice when the possibilities are endless! The second project in dlightly more daunting- a case study of two Fortune 500 companies. not only have I never had a management class, but I've also never taken anything that remotely resembles a business course, so this project is like learning two new languages, simultaneously. I'm hoping that I can get a good handle on it all, and really finish up with a great analysis.

So that's about it. 2 months in one rather longish blog post. Chances are it will be another month or so before I get in gear and post again. Think of this post as my Mid-semester report. When the semester is done, I can do a nice wrap up. Although, with 2 conferences looming on the horizon (NYLA and NCTE) I may feel compelled to post earlier. No promises though, I'd hate to get your hopes up, only to BlogFail you again.

Until next time....