Reading Revolution: eReaders in the library

About the program:

Starting September 2011 the Marcellus Senior High School library will have
eReaders available for loan. We are currently conducting an eReader pilot and
working on setting up the Reading Revolution program. Once the pilot is complete One Nook Color and one Kindle will be
available for student and staff check-out from the library in September of 2011. 

Goals of the Reading Revolution:

1. Increase Library literary and professional resource collection in a cost
effective and timely manner.

2. Increase collaboration with teachers and students.

3. Provide student access to innovative and current technology.

4. Create new users through the use of new and popular eReader devices.

How the Reading Revolution will work:

The eReaders will be used to provide access to books that
the library does not currently have in its collection or have access to through
InterLibrary Loan.  Please fill out  the form below if you would like to read a
book that we currently do not have access to. The information will be sent to
 the library staff, who will then notify you if the book will be available in eBook
form. You will also be informed as to when the book will be available for check out.

Request a book:
Before requesting a book please check both the library

and the

Inter-Library Loan
program to see if the book you would like to read is
already available to the library.

We are currently in the pilot testing phase which means
that only faculty and staff may request eBooks. Hang in there students, the program’s kinks are being worked out and you
will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of requesting books through the Reading
Revolution program.
Questions? Comments?
If you have any questions please see the FAQs section
below.  Additionally, information may
be obtained by checking out the links to the device home pages at Barnes & Noble
and Amazon.  Still can’t find what
you are looking for?  Don’t hesitate
to stop by the library, fill out the form below or send an e-mail to

Barnes & Nobles Nook
Amazon Kindle