Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About the Author

To start off- my name is Kate Taddeo. I'm born and raised here in Syracuse although I love to travel, especially to Wyoming and Colorado. I have one kiddo, and having her prompted me to take a good look at what kind of life I really wanted, for the entire family. So now I'm going back to school to get my Library and Information Science degree at Syracuse University. I anticipate that it will be stressful and difficult at times, but the reward is a big one. The chance to work in a field that deals with something I really love, books.

Books have always been the constant in my life. No matter where I've been, or what particular hobbies I've taken up, books have always been there. I have a library in my house that contains every books I've ever owned, I don't throw them away and rarely will I loan them out. Each book is a memory that I want to be able to revisit if the mood strikes. As to why I've decided to go back to school now, well, I realized that you have to do something you love. Working in an office was just not doing it for me. Then I got involved in a wonderful group online, Eve's Fan Garden, and became a moderator for their Book of the Month Club. We work mostly with young adult books, and let me tell you, there are some absolutely amazing YA books out there right now. Suddenly I was reading all these fabulous books, working with amazing authors and publishers, and connecting with other book lovers through chats, contests and discussion boards. I also have a personal book blog (A Reader's Ramblings) where I review all the books I read, including the one's that don't fall into the genre's covered by Eve's Fan Garden. Through these sites I had suddenly and quite unexpectedly found my passion. The next logical step was to figure out how to incorporate this into a career.

So here I am, graduate student at Syracuse University. Ready to embark upon the next chapter if you will. I'll be posting to this blog about how school is going, my classes, my assignments and the library world outside the halls of SU. I hope you enjoy.



  1. Kate, this is great! Thanks for sending me your link from class. I have much to do.

  2. Hi Kate! Your blogs look great. Thanks for all your help in getting everyone up and running. See you in a few weeks! :~)